The Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona took place last month, and several of our partners took part in this highly anticipated summit. From AI and 6G, to exploring essential societal elements that need to be an integral part of the development of new technologies, MWC 2024 hosted the latest industry discussions with a wide range of experts from around the world. During the event, we had the chance to record the partners and hear what their main take-aways were. They also delved into how the latest trends will influence Non-Terrestrial Networks and the work of 6G-NTN. 

Have a look at 6G-NTN Project Coordinator Alessandro Vanelli-Coralli (University di Bologna) and 6G-NTN Technical Coordinator Nicolas Chuberre (Thales Alenia Space)’s interviews below.  

“Most of the connectivity issues have been resolved by the 4G and 5G generation. Just one connectivity aspect is not solved – the connectivity from the sky. This is exactly what 6G-NTN is addressing”

“It is interesting to have a mix of mobile and satellite experts that contribute to the definition of the NTN component and to the integration of it in the 6G system.”

About MWC Barcelona 

MWC Barcelona is the largest and most influential connectivity event bringing together policymakers, global mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors, content owners, and other professionals interested in the future of technology. The 2024 edition of MWC Barcelona took place on February 26 – 29, 2024, bringing together more than 100’000 attendees and over 2,700 exhibitors, sponsors, and partners. The congress was structured in six main themes: 5G and Beyond, Connecting Everything, Humanizing AI, Manufacturing DX, Game Changers and Digital DNA.