Meet the Consortium: THALES SIX

THALES SIX GTS FRANCE SAS (TH-SIX) is a major subsidiary of the THALES Group. THALES is the European technology leader in providing safety and security, 40% in transport and aerospace, and 60% in Security and Defence. THALES is a world market leader in integrated transport systems, providing rail signalling, communication, supervision and fare collection requiring many smart sensors.  

What is your organization’s role in the project? What unique contribution does it bring to the team?

In 6G-NTN, TH-SIX will be represented, as the world leader in critical information systems, and secure communications, which addresses every activity related to telecommunications from systems down to components: radio communications, flexible waveform design, IP networks, orchestration, cyber security, mission-critical applications and satellite communication. TH-SIX is the first world company on the market in the systems and professional military equipment of communications. TH-SIX has contributed to the success of EU-funded research projects for more than 10 years. TH-SIX has strong expertise in the domain of cyber security, E2E orchestration solutions, and Radio Access Network (RAN) for 4G/5G and it is actively contributing to studies about the RAN of the next 6G communications. TH-SIX is participating in different standardization groups such as 3GPP RAN/SA-Plenaries, RAN1/RAN2, with contributions on 5G NR NTN in RAN4. 

TH-SIX leads spectrum coexistence aspects, enablers for E2E integration in 6G system architecture, dynamic orchestration and autonomous monitoring and cyber security aspects. TH-SIX contributes to flexible waveform design and validation, reliable positioning and standardisation and pre-standardisation activities. TH-SIX leads several deliverables: the spectrum regulation analysis for 6G-NTN scenarios, the preliminary report on spectrum management techniques, the final report on spectrum management techniques, the initial report on orchestration and monitoring solutions and cybersecurity threats for 6G-NTN and the final report on orchestration solutions and cyber security framework for 6G-NTN. Moreover, TH-SIX contributes to the project’s administrative activities in which all partners should take the corresponding role.