In December 2001, the Government of the Generalitat of Catalunya launched the Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) with the aim of conducting research in communications technologies. The CTTC’s primary objectives are to participate in competitive research and development projects, to develop tools and solutions based on geomatics, communication networks, systems, and technologies, and to provide training and support to graduate students and post-docs in the scope of its R&D activities. In 2022, the CTTC underwent a reorganization, and the Space and Resilient Communications and Systems (SRCOM) research unit (RU) took over the satellite communication activities that CTTC had been conducting for the last 15 years. The SRCOM RU is participating in 6G-NTN and has significant expertise in physical layer designs to system-level analysis, including machine learning based radio management techniques. CTTC has been leading the largest ESA-funded project on low-TRL satellite communications (SatNEx IV and V) and has completed over ten technology transfer contracts with major vendors and operators.

What is your organization’s role in the project? What unique contribution does it bring to the team?

CTTC is leading the technical portion of the project,  focusing on radio technologies for 6G-NTN. Specifically, CTTC is designing the data-enhanced radio controller and is targeting the development of machine learning based techniques for radio control strategies, spanning from access policies to satellite mission control. Additionally, CTTC aims to develop techniques for waveform optimization and data-driven air-interface designs.

In addition to the contribution to the 6G-NTN use cases, CTTC participates in the space segment modelling and collaborates with the rest of 6G-NTN partners to disseminate the project’s results.

Why is this project important for your organization?

6G-NTN holds immense importance for CTTC prospects, as it presents a unique opportunity to participate in the definition of the future 6G non-terrestrial network. 6G-NTN provides CTTC the opportunity to collaborate with other leading partners in the field of satellite and terrestrial communication which allows it to expand its network and learn from the best in the industry. 6G-NTN project is planning to produce high impact on standardization, which provides an excellent platform for CTTC. 6G-NTN is important for CTTC to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and ensuring its continued success in the years to come.

Who are the key people involved?

Dr. Miguel Ángel Vázquez, Dr. Musbah Shaat, Eng. Xavier Artiga, Eng. Husnain Shahid, and Dr. Màrius Caus.