In the context of Hexa-X-II’s latest workshop series, 6G-NTN partner Thales Alenia Space was invited to share the project’s insights on enablers for 6G system as well as 6G architecture. These workshops had as their main goal to improve the European joint approach towards 6G and foster a valuable discussion within the community.

Nicolas Chuberre from Thales Alenia Space presented the goals and ambitions of the 6G-NTN project and gave the participants an overview of the use cases enabled or enhanced by the project. He then delved into system and performance requirements, and after talking about design drivers illustrated them with the specific example of NTN radio interface. He rounded the presentation by showing a 3D Network Concept of NTN Architecture, presenting the spectrum usage for 5G and 6G, and explaining the standardisation approach for 3GPP ITU-R.

You can access the 6G-NTN slides for the workshop on Enablers for 6G system blueprint workshop (26 January 2024) and for the workshop on System view and architecture for 6G (13 February 2024) on our website. You can also read more about the workshop series on Hexa-X-II’s website.